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Need help in hurry about phase transformations

  1. Mar 7, 2012 #1
    I'm studying in a class about phase transformations, and have a couple of questions needing answers/clarification:


    A metallic sample can show faceing when heated, but a plastic sample does not because_______?


    a)What are the general energies associated with a small precipitate of phase β inside a matrix phase α.(Assume spherical precipitates initially)

    b)Often, a small precipitate starts as a coherent one,then is loses coherency as it grows beyond a certain critical radius(r).Explain this observation briefly and illustrate with a schematic plot.

    c)If the stable shape of the precipitate tends to become plate or disc shaped (e.g.figure 2),what can you comment about the interfacial energies involved?

    and the last questin also showed on the pic.

    Need help,thank you very much

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