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Need help in pilot eject system

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    URGENT need help in pilot eject system

    i am an undergraduate from a university. we are now working on an assignment on design a system of jet eject seat. and we need to use the numerical method and MATLAB program to simulate the result. well, hope you all might help us, suggest us, help us in solving this problem..

    an British Aerospace jet - Hawk (MK 108 & 208), need an eject seat system.

    the eject seat need to fulfill the following spec.

    the jet flying angel = +/- 30 degree
    the maximum high of the ejected seat = 0.03 - 0.125km
    the distance of the ejected seat landing from the jet = 0.10 - 0.25km
    speed of the jet = mach 1.1
    seat mechanism + max load = 110kg
    the maximum acceleration to eject the seat = 22g

    we need to find out a system to safely eject the pilot from the plane
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    I'm not sure what exactly you are asking for. Starting from the beginning, have you done any research on how ejection seats work? Are you just trying to build a mathematical model from the given data? You have the load and acceleration...
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    Sucked in by a good thread subject. I thought the msg body was going to say:

    "Do I cross arms and pull, or pull and THEN cross arms? If anyone could respond in the next... 12 seconds... it would be REALLY appreciated."
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    22g might kill a pilot - IIRC, they are trained to about 10g. Try this reference - http://hypertextbook.com/facts/1998/PhillipAndriyevsky.shtml - but corroborate with another reference.

    Ejecting at Mach 1.1? Especially at 0.03 - 0.125 km. That could be harmful if not fatal. One might wish to determine the pressure as a function of wind velocity.

    That distance from the jet is a bit tricky (especially if it tumbles) - the jet will go where it goes, and hopefully the ejection seat does not follow it.
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    thanks 4 ur comment... however wat we need is using the kinematic n dynamic theory to simulate a curve with the given specification by using the matlab which relate to numerical method. Hope u all can give ur precious opinion....
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    If one translated that, I believe you would find it means: Could someone please do our homework?
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