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Need help in solving an integral!

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    Dear Physics Forums users,

    My name is Tobias and I'm actually stucking in solving an integral with modified Bessel function of zeroth order. I haven't had that much math in my life to solve this horrible integral. This problem is concerning my private interest to build up a model predicting some weired behaviour in optical fibre cables. Basically function P has to be insert in F(θi,θ) and must be solved by this integral. I just want to know the outcome of the integral. Inserting the limits should be less problematic.

    P(θi,θ) = 1/(bL) * exp(-(θ^2+θi^2)/(4DL))* Io ((θ*θi)/(2DL))

    b = constant
    L = length
    D = constant
    θ = output angle
    θi = incident angle

    F(θi,θ) = 2*pi ∫ P(θi,θ)*sin(θi) ∂θi

    The integral limits are 0 → Δθ

    Thanks a lot.

    cheers Tobias
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