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Need help in this equation.

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    Please what are the products of this reaction; SnCL4 + CH3OH + N2 + H2O .
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    I have some ideas about the answer, but can you provide a context for how the question arises? I cannot see how nitrogen can possibly be involved in any reaction, but can see why you might be bubbling nitrogen through the reaction mixture. Similarly water is unlikely to have direct involvement.
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    This is for thin film technology.
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    OK then. I think the reaction you are wanting is carried out in aqueous solution with nitrogen bubbling through. The SnCl4 is a mild oxidant, designed to oxidize the methanol CH3OH to formaldehyde HCHO. Nitrogen is bubbled through the solution to remove dissolved oxygen, and prevent the oxidation reaction going further to formic acid HCOOH.

    The reaction is SnCl4 + CH3OH → HCHO + SnCl2 + 2 H+ + 2 Cl.

    Formaldehyde forms network polymers when reacted with phenol or melamine or similar materials. It might also be used as a cross-linking agent to harden some of the films you are working with.

    (Reason for asking my previous question was that I wanted to try to check that this was not homework before "spilling the beans".:smile:)
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    You will be surprised when you learn what lies people tell to pretend the problem is not their homework.

    - Mrs. Teacher? John is sick and he will not come to school today.
    - Who is speaking?
    - What do you mean "who is speaking"? My father!
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    Yeah, I did say "trying to check"!
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