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Homework Help: Need help integratinggg

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    Need help solving the definite integral from 0<x<2 ||t,t^2||dt ( || = the norm of.)

    so it really is

    int. (t^2, t^4)^(1/2)

    please and thank you.. i dont know why i cant get this.. but hellp pleaseee
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    You must show work done/attempt to solution before we help you.

    Also can you provide more info here, x is from 0 to 2, but your variable of integration is t.. And what is "int. (t^2, t^4)^(1/2)" ?
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    im sorry, t is from 0 to 2, used to writing x.. doesnt really matter what the variable is tho..

    int. (t^2, t^4)^(1/2) is just stating the integral of that function... hence "int." for INTegral

    what i have gotten for an answer the first time attempted i used U substitution pulling out a t^2 leaving me with t^2(1+t^2) which is wrong.. because this question was on an exam and he marked an x on that part.. i dont konw how to proceed from there
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    So the problem is to integrate (t^2+t^4)^(1/2). That's ((t^2)*(t^2+1))^(1/2)=t*(t^2+1)^(1/2). What comes to mind as a u substitution?
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