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Homework Help: Need Help inThermodynamics question. Please help me

  1. May 4, 2008 #1
    Question is ....

    A wessel B contains air at 100 psia and 140 F.it is connected to an open cylinder A on the bottom of which is a frictionless and weightless piston whose aea is 1ft^2.You carefully weigh the load L on the piston and find it to be 3890 pounds.The connecting valve at C is opened a small amount and air flows into A,raising the piston 2 ft, at which pont the system A+B is in quilibrium. Barometric pressure is 13.5 psia.The whole system is perfectly insulated except that heat flow through the partition between A and B occurs freely(helping to keep the temperature the same throughout A and B ).Compute the mass of air involved and final temperature of the

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