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Need help locating pulsar CP1133

  1. Nov 9, 2004 #1
    I'm still trying to locate a particular pulsar which had (in 1972) the original designation CP1133. :confused:

    Does anyone here happen to have a catalog or reference which will allow me to find which pulsar (or the current designation & info on such pulsar) that had an original (early 1970's) designation as CP1133 ?

    This pulsar had a radio period of about 1 hertz; specifically 1.1879 sec.
    I believe it was relatively close to earth.


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    This page gives the galactic latitude and galactic longitude of the pulsar that you search, and also its distance
    http://www.tas.idv.tw/faq/q1065.html [Broken]
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    Much Thanks Meteor! I had no idea that Sten Odenwald had 'my' pulsar by some coincidence in his book. (How'd you ever come up with that cross-reference?) In the mean time I had also received an e-mail from a NASA site manager identifying it as PSR1133+16 from a search he did on the internet catalog 'Simbad'. However, Simbad seems so complex you'd need to take a six month course :surprised ( exagerating :wink: ) just to figure how to do a search for other physical parameters. You have supplied a pertinent one , distance... 130 parsecs.
    However, I'd like to get any other particulars that may be available.
    Thanks again.

    Creator :smile:

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    OK, now that I have the correct designation, I was able to find some further references on papers concerning PSR1133+16's single pulse characteristics, (from the Astophysical Journal,etc.); interesting. :cool:
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