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Need help ly

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    need help urgently

    How do the choices of frequency and wavelength affect the overall design of a system? Of components within the system?
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    Each component has got its own natural frequency. and your operation casue some vibartions with some frequency over those components. when both the (Nat freq & Opr. freq) matches, the component will be subjected to tremendous amount of vibration which called resonance.
    Hence, to avoid resonance, you should either correct Nat freq of comp or the operation freq whicever is possible during design stage.
    I hope it helps you and your doubt was the same of this kind.
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    Without knowing what type of system you are talking about and what it is supposed to do, it's a meaningless question.

    The previous answer assumes that resonance may occur, and if it occurs it is a bad thing. Both those assumptions are false for many systems.
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    The OP could be asking about musical instruments. In that case resonance is a desired characteristic. The OP needs to be MUCH more specific with his question.
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    right questions will get right reply!
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    I am srry I forgot to add...This question is of data communication subject
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    Data communication.

    Hmm, well, if your infra-red fibreoptic link had a wavelength of 2m instead of 1,000nm, then it wouldn't work very well.

    Come on bobby, if you actually want an answer, how about putting some effort into your question?
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