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Homework Help: [Need Help]Maxwell's reciprocal theorem Question

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    http://server5.uploadit.org/files/ultimacarlos-XperimentQ2.jpg [Broken]

    State the degree of statical indeterminacy for the two-span continuous beam shown in the figure. Discuss briefly, but conceptually the compatibility equation(s) required for analyzing such a beam. Based on the compatibility equation(s) and the Principle of Superposition, develop an experimental procedure to determine the unknown reaction Rc of the middle support as shown in the figure. Explain your procedure clearly.

    Please click on the link to see the diagram. This is my online experiment homework. The question suggests that we use principle of superposition and maxwell's reciprocal theorem to determine the answer. I have tried to think a few ways but all seem to fail. Please help me with it. Thanks.
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