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Need help Millikans experiment

  1. Oct 18, 2004 #1
    Need help!! Millikans experiment


    I got this project i have to complete and i cant get an appropriate answer from the internet i was hoping that one of u guys could help me. Here it is

    Why would a man want to know the the mass and charge of an electron, show the use of this knowledge

    Thanx for helping me out

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    Oh, come on, have you given any thought to this at all?

    For one thing, knowledge has a value of its own, even if it isn't "useful". The very fact that every electron HAS the same charge is worth knowing isn't it? However, since you are looking at this on a computer screen, think about how these letters are formed! The screen is being activated by electrons that are hitting the screen at exactly the right place. If you (or, more correctly, the people who designed the monitor) didn't know the mass and charge of those electrons they wouldn't be able to "steer" them to the correct points.
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