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Homework Help: Need Help NAmimg-Organic Chemistry

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    i really dont know where to start on this one. I know the main chain is nonane. The branch looks like isopropyl with a methy on it. However i dont think thats the right answer. All help is greatly apreciated!!!!
    http://img125.imageshack.us/img125/1273/chemsk0.png [Broken]
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    Have you learned how to name complex branches (sub-branching)? The carbon attached to the chain is by definition, atom 1, for the branch. Then you name the branch like it's a compound, but then change the -ane to -yl. Put the whole thing in parentheses, and now it's a substituent.
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    I would guess 5-1,2 MethylPropa-nonane, but im not sure

    I know the branch is 1,2-MethylPropane.

    I would write it as follows:

    5-R-Nonane. ( i think there is an alternative name, but ive definatley used Nonane before.



    So combining the two, 5-1,2-MethylPropa-nonane, is my best guess :s

    EDIT: THat should be 1,2-DimethylPropane branch, making it 4-1,2-DiMethylPropyl-nonane
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    well i guess the answer would be 4 -(2,3 di methyl) butyl nonane
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    apparently the above answers arent corect. ANyone else klnow if that chain is some special group with its own name?
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    no that branched group does not have a 'common' name - you would use normal IUPAC nomenclature
    5-(1,2 dimethyl)propyl - nonane
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    It is 5-1,2-DiMethylPropyl-Nonane:

    Top of page 75: http://www.iupac.org/publications/books/principles/principles_of_nomenclature.pdf#search=%224-1%2C2-dimethylpropyl-nonane%22 [Broken]

    You can prob just type the empirical formula into a chemical catalogue and slect the one you want.
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