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Homework Help: Need help on a Chem Question

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    Question: A sample of hydrogen gas, collected at 100 C and 1.0 atm., has a volume of 350 ml (0.350 lit.). What will be the pressure after it is transferred to a 4.0 lit. flask and cooled to 25 C? (temp must be in degrees of Kelvin)

    I had assumed using the formula V2 = P1 X V1 / P2 but i am not getting anything that makes sense. I think its two formulas needed but am not sure. Any assistance would be greatly apperciated
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    Go to your favorite search engine and type in "combined gas law".

    Think that will help.

    Best of health.

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    [tex] pV = nRT [/tex]. Look at the values given. Which ones are being kept constant?
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    Thanks! That did the trick alright :biggrin:
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    Can someone verify this is correct?

    P1V1/T1 = P2V2/T2
    (1.0atm)(.35lit)/(373K) = P(4.0lit)/(298K)
    (104.3) = (1492)P
    .070atm = P
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    thats correct
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    thanks! just making sure :)
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