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Need help on a french website

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    I'm trying to buy an ottoman from the following website.
    http://www.studio-kosmodesign.com [Broken]

    The item description is at http://www.stephaneperruchon.fr/article-17569823.html [Broken]

    It looks pretty cool and has a very space saving design.

    I can't figure out if they are selling it online, or ship to US, or the price of it. Anyone who understands French can help me to understand this?

    Send a mail using the info in the contact page, but no response.
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    It's quite weird, I do not get it. Every item has someone posting "how to I buy it ?" to which he systematically answers "It's not for sale (yet ?)". He seems to me like a ... theoretical designer !
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    Thanks humanino :cool:
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    The table is going to be made from Corian (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corian). He says that there should be a prototype made by September with October being the latest. He says he will keep that section updated with prices etc.

    The thing is though this was designed back in 2007 and judging from his responses in the comments his work is not for sale (as of 2008).

    Here is his facebook page:
    You could try messaging him through there for more information.
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    What a spiffy-cool thing, though. I know a couple of people who live in small spaces who could use something like that.
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    That does look cool.

    This is also a practical idea: paintings that can be transformed into chairs (http://www.picchair.nl/)
    [PLAIN]http://www.picchair.nl/images/01.jpg [Broken]

    It does look cheap and less comfortable than the bass table though.
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    That's awfully cool too, Monique.
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