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Need help on a ohysics porject involving construction

  1. Dec 7, 2003 #1
    hii i'm in grade 11 and this is regarding an improtant physics projectwhere i need to build a device/ transporter ( i'm GUESSING thst it should be something like a car)this device has to move and have a displacement of 5m north at least and it can obtain its energy to move only form a rubber band and nothing else. there should be NO external forces tht will help the device to move. the object shoudl remain on the surface (its a carpet in this case) throughout its journey.
    plzz reply and help. any suggestions or adive also will do.
    thank u
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    This should be in the homework help section... but never mind.

    You need a cotton bobbin, a small piece of wood (lollipop stick?), a drawing pin and an elastic band.

    Feed elastic through the centre of the bobbin, pin one side down to the side and then wind it up using the stick. Put on the floor, the stick is pushing on the floor preventing it from unwinding, so the cotton bobbin umwinds instead, giving you your motion.

    Good luck!
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