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Homework Help: Need help on a partial derivative problem!

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    Find the second-order partial derivatives of the given function. In each case, show that the mixed partial derivatives [tex]f_{xy}[/tex] and [tex]f_{yx}[/tex] are equal.


    My work (Correct me if I am wrong):






    If I am correct, which I am probably not, how could [tex]f_{xy}[/tex] possibly be equal to [tex]f_{yx}[/tex]? Shouldn't that always be true anyways? If that's so, then obviously I messed up somewhere. Please help!
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    How did you find those mixed partials? You seem to have done the exact same thing to find [itex]f_{xy}[/itex] as you did for [itex]f_{xx}[/itex] (and the same for [itex]yy[/itex] and [itex]yx[/itex]). I think if you check your work over, you'll see that you differentiated wrt the wrong variables a couple of times :wink:
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    Use Jacobi's notation for partial derivatives.It will leave no room for any confusion once u realize the order of differentiation.And if u use Lagrange's one,do it properly

    [tex] \frac{\partial f}{\partial x}\equiv f'_{x} [/tex]

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    Nothing wrong with notation evolving. I've never seen notation like [itex]f^\prime_x[/itex], though.
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    Did I atleast get the first partial derivatives correct?
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    Your second partials are wrt to the wrong variables

    [tex] f_{xy} [/tex] means differentiate [itex] f_x [/itex] with respect to y.
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