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Need help on a sci fi project

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    I have been interested in the story of halo lately. I have trying to come up with a way to theoretically create a mechanism that kills all life via radiation in a 25,000 ly radius. (The function of a halo ring).

    This is what I have so far, using millions of lasers focusing on one point. Using stefans law, all the lasers fire at this perfect black body with all length dimensions of one and raises its temperature up to the planck temperature (highest possible temp ~10^32)

    P = (10^-8)(10^32)^4 = 10^120 J/S

    Since, I am a beginner at physics I don't know where to go from here. I need it to be enough energy to kill all life within a radius of 25,000 ly.
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    zeromodz, you don't need a physicist to help you "theoretically create a mechanism". Why limit yourself to science when your halo ring is totally ficticious anyway? Just use your imagination to create it!
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    I think this is only going to work with some unobtainium, the energy required is probably on the order of several supernovas (related to this you might be interested to read about gamma-ray bursts). Also you'd have to take into account starts blocking the radiation making the blast less homogeneous than you might want.
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    I'd have to agree w/ the 2 posts above. The amount of energy is not within anything even imaginable extrapolated from current technology, so science isn't going to help you, so just make stuff up.
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