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Need Help On Degree Path

  1. Nov 11, 2012 #1
    Hello forum.

    I am currently a high school student, and I am planning out which college I will go to, as well as my degree I want to pursue. I am very interested in getting a job in the aerospace field. I recently took a tour of my dream school, and there was really nothing about it that I didn't like! Except for one thing... It has no Aerospace Engineering degree. This school is known for its engineering programs, and it does offer a great Mechanical Engineering program. In this program, I can specialize in areas such as thermodynamics and aerodynamics, two key areas of aerospace engineering.

    In my area, there are very few schools offering the specific degree I wand, and all of them are very expensive and very inconvenient. I was wondering if I could still get a job in the field that I wish to enter with a mechanical engineering degree. For one, this would also open up many ore fallback jobs in case I have trouble with that. Another thought that I had was perhaps going on to get my masters in aerospace engineering afterwards.

    I have been told by several people that this is the path that I should take, but I wanted some help from this forum. What does everyone think that I should do?
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