Need help on finding information about nuclear accidents

I have no background about nuclear powerplants and nuclear plant disasters other than probably a skewed image from The Simpsons. But I would like to get kicked out of math class by writing about "The Nuclear Engineer that Couldn't Avert Nuclear Disaster." I don't know why I'm writing in math class either.

I know this is in rather bad taste, but I do not dislike nuclear powerplants and do not want to attempt to blow any up. I want this to be a work of fiction but factual enough so that I'll be able to show my teacher how much I don't like him. I need any help, more info will be provided when the little engine book arrives so that proper plagiarism will be attained. Thank you guys!
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The most notorious reactor accidents were Three Mile Island (U.S.) and Chernobyl (USSR). Look them up in google.
I recommend going to Hyperphysics. It covers the technical sides of how Three Mile Island and Chernobyl occurred.

Just click on Nuclear Physics, and then on Nuclear Energy on the concept map.
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