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Need help on identify fallacy.

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    Having hard time with this assignment, confusing, need help if you guys have time. Thank You.

    1. The United Nations inspectors were unable to prove that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction(WMD). Therefore, we can be pretty certain that Iraq does have WMD.

    2. Capital punishment is morally acceptable because murderers should be put to death.

    3. Euthanasia is wrong because it interferes with the natural dying process. We should wait until it is our time to die.

    4. I’m not surprised you’re arguing that hate speech should not be banned on college campuses. After all, you’re one of the most hateful, racist, and insensitive people I’ve ever met. Why, you couldn’t care lessabout the effect of hate speech on its intended victims.

    5. I support racial profiling and the questioning of all Arabs by security officials in airports. Remember, it was Arabs who blew up the Twin Trade Towers. They just can’t be trusted

    6. Why all this concern about the way women are treated in Afghanistan? After all, women in this country still suffer from discrimination in the workplace.

    7. My parents used to get into arguments all the time, and they ended up getting divorced. Logic teaches people how to make arguments. Therefore, if you want a happy marriage, you should stay away from

    8. “The bullying and humiliation of detainees at Abu Ghraid is, as George W. Bush said, ‘a strain on our country’s honor and our country’s reputation’ . . . . but let us also recognize what this scandal is not. There is a large difference between forcing prisoners to strip and submit to hazing at Abu Ghraib prison and the sort of things routinely done under Saddam Hussein. This is a country where mass tortures, mass murders and mass graves were, until the arrival of the U.S. Army, a way of life.”

    9. It is morally wrong to cause pain to another person. Therefore, dentists are immoral people.

    10. My philosophy professor doesn’t think that the loss of animal and plant species due to the destruction of rain forests is going to permanently upset the balance of nature. Therefore, it is morally acceptable to continue clearing rain forests for cattle grazing.

    11. “Soldiers at Fort Carson, Colorado, have been told that if they don’t re-up [reenlist] to 2007 they will be shipped pronto for Iraq.”

    12. So you’re going to argue in class that alcohol should be banned on campus. Well, this is the last time we’re going to ask you to go out with us on the weekend.

    13. How can you be in favor of human cloning? After all, you’re a Catholic and the church supports a ban on all human cloning.

    14. Terri Schiavo’s physicians were unable to come up with any evidence that she had any change of recovery from her persistent vegetative state. Therefore, she is clearly brain-dead and, in such cases, it is morally acceptable to detach her feeding tube.

    1. Equivocation—a key term shifts meaning during the course of an argument.
    2. Appeal to Force—Force, threat of force, or intimidation is used to coerce our
    opponents into accepting our conclusion.
    3. Abusive—We attach our opponent’s character rather than address his or her
    4. Circumstantial—We argue that our opponent should accept a particular position
    because of his or her lifestyle or membership in a particular group.
    5. Appeal to inappropriate authority—The testimony of someone who is an authority in
    a different field is used as support for our conclusion.
    6. Popular appeal—The opinion of the majority is used as support for our conclusion.
    7. Hasty generalization—Our conclusion is based on atypical cases.
    8. Accident—We apply a generally accepted rule to an atypical case where the rule is
    9. Ignorance—We argue that a certain position is true because it hasn’t been proven false
    or that it is false because it hasn’t been proven true.
    10. Begging the Question—The premise and conclusion are different wordings of the
    same proposition.
    11. Irrelevant conclusion—Our argument is directed at a conclusion different from the one
    under discussion.
    12. Naturalistic—We argue from what is to what ought to be the case.
    13. Appeal to tradition—We argue that something is moral because it is traditional
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    Math Is Hard

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    Can you show some work, please? We can't do your homework for you.
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    I know it will not really help him, but I'll do it for fun.

    1. Ignorance
    2. Begging the Question
    3. Naturalistic
    4. Circumstantial
    5. Hasty generalization
    6. Irrelevant conclusion
    7. Equivocation
    8. Irrelevant conclusion
    9. Accident
    10. Appeal to inappropriate authority
    11. Appeal to Force
    12. Irrelevant conclusion
    13. Circumstantial
    14. Ignorance
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    I came up with the same except for (3) which I said was "Appeal to Tradition."
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