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Homework Help: Need help on Kinetic Theory of Gases

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    A 1.00 mol sample of an ideal monatomic gas is at an initial temperature of 300 K. The gas undergoes an isovolumetric process acquiring 500 J of energy by heat. It then undergoes an isobaric process losing this same amount of energy by heat. Determine a) the new temperature of the gas and b) the work done on the gas.

    Ok...so for part A, I know since its undergoes isovolumetric process that the internal energy equals Q. So the internal energy is at 500 J at that point. Also, when it undergoes isobaric process, I know that the internal energy equals Q + W, where W is the work. The problem says it lost 500 J by heat so internal energy = 500 J - 500 J + W because there was 500 J from the previous process. So, internal energy = W. W = P* change in volume, so how could i get the pressure?

    Any help is great thx!
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    Doc Al

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    Hint: How does the internal energy of an ideal monatomic gas depend on temperature?
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    Thanks a lot !!!!!
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