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Need help on modulus of elasticity

  1. Oct 23, 2009 #1
    new to physics can some one plz help me with b and c

    Load (kN) 0 20 30 50 60 73 90 94
    Extension (mm) 0 0.150 0.225 0.375 0.453 0.550 0.900 1.100

    a) Draw a graph with load on the y-axis and extension on the x-axis (a load extension graph). Title the graph and Label the axis.
    b) The diameter of the wire is 0.00735 m and its length is 36.75 mm. Determine the modulus of elasticity, E of the sample wire.
    c) Select from the graph an appropriate point for the elastic limit of the wire and give the value of the:
    (i) load,
    (ii) stress if the diameter is 0.00735 mm.
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