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Need help on moles calculation

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    hi folks.. im having some problem here, and i dun know how to solve it.. some mole calculation. i would like ask help from u guys.. many thanks.. questions are below: [can give me the working process in details?]

    6. A report states that biogas is 60% methane (relative molecular mass = 16) and 40% carbon dioxide (relative molecular mass = 44) by weight. Consider 10 kg of biogas.
    (a) How much methane, by weight, would you expect in 10 kg of biogas?

    (b) How many moles of methane would be there in this biogas amount?

    (c) How many moles of carbon dioxide would be there in this biogas amount?

    (d) How many moles of biogas would there be in 10 kg of biogas?

    (e) What is the pV content of 10 kg of biogas at 300 K?
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    You're going to have to show us your attempts first (even if they don't get the right answer) so we can determine where you are getting stuck to help. We won't do your homework for you.

    If you're completely stuck and don't even know where to start, tell us what relative molecular mass is (understanding this is key to most of the questions you were asked).
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