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Homework Help: Need help on Net External force

  1. Nov 9, 2009 #1
    A dog pulls on a pillow with a force of 7.9 N at an angle if 28.3 degrees above the horizontal

    [tex]\vec{F}_{net} = \Sigma \vec{F} = m \vec{a}[/tex]

    A) What is the x component of this force?
    answer in units of N.

    B) What is the y component of this force?
    answer in units of N.

    help pls i cant find a way.
    and im not a drawing kind of guy. thanks for any help like step by step
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    First, before we can even help you, you need to show your attempt at the solution. Second, whether or not you're a "drawing kind of guy", you'll have a difficult time doing a lot of physics problems without first drawing a free-body diagram. So, draw a free-body diagram and then show your attempt at a solution!
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    Show what you tried so people can help with what you are misunderstanding.

    If you have no idea at least try to draw a picture for yourself, it will help.

    You have a vector and you have its direction, now you just need to break it into an

    x and y component. The x an y form the legs of a triangle and the Net vector is the

    hypotenuse. See what you get.
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