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Homework Help: Need help on physics problem

  1. Nov 2, 2004 #1
    A car jack is used to lift a quarter of the weight of a 1200kg car 20 cm in 20s. Calculate the power of the car jack.

    I got this answer no problem:
    P = eg/t
    = mgh/t
    = (300kg)(9.8N/kg)(0.20m)/20.0s
    = 588J/20.0s
    = 29.4W

    I believe this is a follow up question and I can't seem to get it. I get an answer, but it's different fromt he back of the book so I guess this answer is wrong. Maybe you can help me on this question:

    A 250-W hydraulic car jack is used to do the same work on the same car as in the previous problem. How long will it take to lift the car this time?
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    Since the work will be the same, then
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