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Homework Help: Need help on physics problems

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    1)The silhouette of a Christmas tree is an isosceles triangle. The angle at the top of the triangle is 10.2 degrees, and the base measures 1.67 m across. How tall is the tree?

    2) A person is standing at the edge of the water and looking out at the ocean (see figure). The height of the person's eyes above the water is h = 1.7 m, and the radius of the Earth is R = 6.37 x 106 m. (a) How far is it to the horizon? In other words, what is the distance d from the person's eyes to the horizon? (Note: At the horizon the angle between the line of sight and the radius of the earth is 90 degrees.) (b) Express this distance in miles.

    3.)Consider a triangle with sides 28.3, 143, and 128 cm in length. What is the angle facing the side of length 28.3 cm?

    help me pleaseeeeeeeeeee.....thanks in advanced
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    This is a duplicate post. I've responded to the other.
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