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Need Help on Research Paper Topic

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    I'm a freshman taking an intro to astronomy course. I was assigned a research paper on a topic in astronomy. I have to analyze a data set. Can i please have some ideas for topics? These are some examples:  What is the relationship between the mass of a black hole’s singularity and the distance of the event horizon?
     How does Pluto’s size, composition, and orbit compare to that of other dwarf planets in the Kuiper belt?
     What is the relationship between a planet’s orbital velocity and its ability to alter the directional path and speed of “flybys” (gravitational slingshot)?
     What is the relationship between axial tilt, diameter, and rotational period of a planet and the variance of its average annual surface temperature?
     How does solar activity affect Earth’s temperature patterns?
     How do changing seasons during a Jovian planet’s orbit affect its visible cloud bands?
     What is the relationship between the change in intensity of coronal mass injections and the amount of times that visible aurora borealis occur?
     What is the relationship between the change in global temperature and the consumption and flaring of fossil fuels?
     Using a planetary data set and a computer model that calculates aphelion and perihelion of Earth at various degrees of eccentricity, what is the relationship between the eccentricity of a planet’s orbit and the angular size of the star in that planet’s sky over the course of the planet’s orbital period?

    I cannot use those because they have been done in the previous semester
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