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Need help on RH Linux 9

  1. Jul 21, 2006 #1
    OK, Here I go. :cry:
    I am in my new institute and a system is allotted to me. But the system is not working fine (FC2), as there was some problem with the graphic display, it would hang, eg "gnome-panel has crashed" and what ever app was started it gave such an error msg or just closed itself without giving any msg. The system would just get to the login screen when one is logged on, and sometimes give a error msg "unable to start normal login. I will now try to switch to other one." (or something like this)
    So the maintainence guys installed FC2 again but again the same problem. So I told them to try RH9 instead and they installed it. But I was still facing the same problem. But I got to the matter in the end - I have to use 800*600 instead of 1024*768.
    My problem - Is it possible to use 1024*768 mode, since in 800*600 everything seems so large?
    Any other info you need just tell me? Please do tell me how to get that info too.
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    You might give FC5 a shot. FC2 is a little long in the tooth now. Check the xorg.conf file in /etc/X11 to make sure everything is configured properly for your monitor and video card.
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    I know FC5, but the system is old (P3) and even FC2 was slow.
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    And there is no such file named xorg.conf in the folder. Maybe it is in a different folder. But even if I get hold of the file, how do I know my true configuration?
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