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Homework Help: Need help on rotational dynamics problem quick please

  1. Dec 16, 2004 #1
    hi i need help understanding what to do with the information that was given in the problem if u could point mein the right direction i would greatly appreciate it. thank you

    An invered "A" is suspended from the ceiling by 2 verticle ropes. Each leg of the "A" has a length of 2L and a weight of 120.0N. The horizontal crossbar has a negligable weight. Find the force that the crossbar applies to each leg.
    W=120.0N per leg
    l of legs= 2L
    angle at top of "A" = 60Degrees
    l of crossbar=L
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    I think the key idea here is that the system is in static equilibrium. That means that the net force and torque are zero. Can you take it from there?
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    Parth Dave is right. The system is at rest so the net force is 0. If that is not the case read below.

    the formula is W=Fcosd

    but what doesnt make sense is that you dont have the displacement. Are you sure it says 2L not 2m.
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