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Need help on VB

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    According to a researcgers,the ideal weight for a woman is found by multiplying her height in inches by 3.5 and substracting 108.While the ideal weight for a man is found by multiplying his height in inches by 4 and substracting 128.

    So,may i know how to create this program using VB?
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    Create what program?
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    i want my output looks like sth as below:

    Height weight of women weight of man
    62 109 120
    63 112.5 124
    64 116 128
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    Sounds like you want us to do the work for you. Show some type of attempt at writing the program and maybe someone will help.
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    We really can't help you as you've given nothing to work with. What is the input? Is there any user input? How many values will the user put in?
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    i did already but command wrong..hmm..i create 2 textbox for users to key in their height in inches(one for man,one for woman),and one label to show the output....but i dunno what's the command for the label..
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    I have done it already,anyway,tks for u all trying to help me!
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