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Need help please?

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    i am from a thirld world country, and my brother has just finished his high scholl who wants to study mathematics later. can any of you outline a general course that he takes for his later career. i am not a student of physics, i am just a student of medicine so i dont know much about it.
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    Well, mathematicians can generally take up many jobs that require problem solving and maths skills. He doesn't necessarily have to work in Physics, but many mathematicians at the moment are working on particle physics research.
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    That's nasty! It seems to imply that if one wants to be a physicists, one will probably end up as a theorist. That is so wrong if you simply look at (i) the AIP statistics, for example and (ii) the employability.

    I will also counter that with the infamous Harry Lipkin article once more.

    http://www.physicstoday.org/vol-53/iss-7/p15.html [Broken]

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    i didnt say anything about theoretical physics .....but mathematics was menotioned and an experimentalist doesnt need to know the type of maths a theroist does ....if uve covered a theorists maths uve almost covered all the maths ....
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    no matter what, he needs to study calculus, as much as possible, including advanced calculus, and linear algebra.

    and try to ignore these people fussing over which branch of what he should go into.
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    ok i get them all. he has decided he is going UK. its totally not fair that he is losing another 6 months or perhaps a year just to prepare for the IELTS.
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    thats great advice but its an old problme,as old as a verylitle hill.
    if he promised himself to go to uk, let me alone
    a mathcourse is is outlined in math department of any school he wants to go to, u search for him to show ur good more completely, u still only help half by asking physicforum.
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