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Homework Help: Need help pls(Statics, Inertia)

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    I really have no idea how to solve or even start this.

    A vertical uniform load of 500lb/ft is applied all along an S 12 x 50 beam and its supported on the edges. The material the beam is made of resists to a density of up to 48,000 psi (lb/in^2). Determine if the beam can withstand the load calculating the density of the max load in its most vulnerable point.

    Wmax = Mc/I where 'w' is the density of the load, M is the moment, c is the distance of the centroid to the furthest edge and I is the moment of Inertia of the section of the beam.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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    You need to know the length of the beam in order to calculate the bending moment in order to calculate the stress.
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