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Need help setting up diff equation in matlab

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    The problem reads as followed: Plot the direction field fo rthe equation dy/dt = y^2-ty

    again using a rectangle large enough to show the possible limiting behavors. Identify the unique constant solution. Why is this solution evident from the differential equation? If a solution curve is ever below the constant solution, what must its limiting behavor be as t increases? For solutions lying above the constant solution, describe two possible limiting behavors as t increases. there is a solution curv e that lies along the boundary of the two limiting behavors. What does it do as t increases.

    ok, now i am having problems plotting the field. I get all the direction vectors pointing down no matter what domain i choose. Here is how i have been typing it in.
    >> [T,Y] = meshgrid(-5:0.2:5, -5:0.2:5);
    >> S = Y^2 - T*Y;
    >> L = sqrt(1 + S.^2);
    >> quiver(T, Y, 1./L, S./L, 0.5), axis tight
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    anyone? any help is appreciated
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