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Need help showing diagrams

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    Need help showing diagrams......

    I am to draw diagrams of:

    There are 16 units is a cad and 5 units is a gad:

    how many gads in a cad? I know 16/5 = 3.2
    how many cads in a gad? I know 5/16 or .3125
    One cad is what percent of one gad? 16/5 * 100 = 320
    ONe gad is what percent of one cad? 5/16 * 100 = 31.25
    I have a pyramid of volume 20 cubic gads, what is the volume in cubic cads? I know 20 * 5 / 16 = 6.25
    If my object is 21 gads long, how many cads long is it? I know 21 * 5/ 16 = 6.5625

    I am not sure how to show diagrams of this.... Please Help! THX
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    I'm not sure what kind of "diagram" you want. You might, for example, draw two lines beside one another- one showing a "gad" divided into 5 "units" and the other showing a "cad" divided into 16 "units". The "units" all being the same length, of course. That will guarentee that your "gad" and "cad" have the correct relative lengths.

    You didn't, by the way, say that "unit", "gad", and "cad" ARE length measurments: I got that from your reference to volume in cubic gads.

    That calculation is WRONG. There is 5/16 cad in a gad but That means that if you had a cube with each side 1 gad in length, each side would have length 5/16 cad so the volume would be (5/16)3 cubic cads. A pyramid (or any other shape solid) with volume 20 gads will convert to (20)(5/16)3 cads.
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