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Homework Help: Need help simplifying equation to find the laplace transform of it

  1. Sep 16, 2005 #1
    there are two loops in an electrical circuit. ive got two equations and two unknowns.
    here are the equations

    v(t) = I1*R1 + 1/c*int(I1*dt) - 1/c*int(I2*dt) - first loop
    0 = LdI2/dt + R2*I2 - 1/c*int(I1*dt) + 1/c*int(I2*dt) - second loop

    the capacitor is in the branch between the two loops.

    Im drawing a blank on this. I need to simplify into one equation so I can find the laplace transform of the one equation.
    the goal is to find the step response of the system using matlab.
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    Tom Mattson

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    You'll want to differentiate both equations first, to get rid of those god awful integrals.

    There's nothing wrong with taking the Laplace transform first and then simplifying.
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    can i get a confirmation that i set up those differential equations properly? im having some trouble with this still. if i differentiate, than i get derivative of the input. im trying to find the output voltage which is across the R2 resistor.
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    im still having trouble with this problem. ive tried multiple methods including differentiation and solving for a variable and plugging it into the first equation but im still where i started the other day. im trying to find an eqation that relates the output voltage across R2 to the input. im confident my beginning equations are correct, but i dont know where to go from there.
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