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Need help solving a thermodynamics problem!

  1. Oct 17, 2004 #1
    A rigid tank initially contains 3kg of air at 500KPa, 290K. The tank is contained by a valve to a pistion-cylinder assembly oriented vertically and containing 0.05m^3 of air initially at 200KPa,290K. Although the valve is closed, a slow leak allows air to flow into the cylinder until the tank pressure falls to 200KPa. The weight of the piston and the pressure of the atmosphere maintain a constant pressure of 200Kpa in the cylinder; and owing to heat transfer, the temperature stays constant at 290K. For the air, determine the total amount of energy transfer by work and by heat, each in kj. Assume ideal gas behaviour. :

    I have trouble solving this problem. Please any one can u help me to get an edge on solving this problem?
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