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Need Help Solving These

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    I have these four questions I'm having trouble solving...
    Could anyone write the solutions, but with steps on how they did it so I can possibly learn! Thanks a lot

    I'm pretty sure they use the binomial or poisson distribution formulas... can't get proper answers

    1. In a large shipment of chips, 5% are defective. What is the probability that exactly two out of a sample of ten are defective?

    2. On average, a system breaks down every 50hrs. Find the probability of more than two break-downs in a 24hr period.

    3. Show that there are more families of 6 children split 4-2 than those with 3 boys and 3 girls.

    4. People arrive at a bank at the rate of 60 per hour. Find the chance of getting 0,1,2 or 3 in the next minute.
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    You learn by doing things yourself. (1) is a "binomial distribution" problem, (2) and (4) are Poisson distribution, and (3) is just a matter of calculating the number of combinations.
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