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Need help solving this PDE

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    I have a circular heat source of inner radius r1 and r2=r1+Δr on top of a pcb board. This heat source is transferring heat along the radius and the length of the beaker which is say L. I have to find temperature distribution along the length of the beaker so T(r.z). The beaker is filled with water till the bottom of the pcb.

    I considered a differential element of radius Δr and thickness Δz at a distance z from the bottom of the pcb. Now once I write the energy balance equation on the basis of steady state as:


    There is no convection taking place.

    I come to the PDE:


    I am stuck here in solving this PDE...plz help
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    Have you tried separation of variables? I.e., try to find solutions of the form ##T(r,z) = R(r) Z(z)##.
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    It looks to me that after you separate variables, you will get Bessel's equation in r.
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