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Need help to propulse a small bolid

  1. Feb 5, 2005 #1
    I have some kind of bolid project (around 6 per 12 inches). The design is ok but I need to find a propulsion system.
    This system doesn't have to be powerfull ; only 8 meters to traverse.

    I have taken some physic courses, but i'm not an engineer and this have to be relatively easy to build

    Thanks for your suggestions !
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    What exactly is a bolid? Is it some sort of vehicle? If so, then read the following text. If not, ignore everything I said.

    A small CO2 cannister will work, though I'd recommend you have someone qualified to supervise your integration of the can into your bolid.

    Mind that CO2 cans should be considered highly dangerous. If I recall correctly, a student who was experimenting with them blew his hand off, literally and painfully.

    A second option would be a small Estes rocket, probably of the A-type.

    Bene fortuna.
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