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Need help to solve a PDE

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    If I have a function "F" in a two-dimensional space F(x,t) and its analog F' in another co-ordinate system F'(x',t') and the relation between the two is given by :

    ∂F/∂t −c(∂F/∂x) =∂F ′/ ∂t ′

    How do I find a relation between F and F ′ and between the variables x,t and t ′ ?
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    If you also had:

    ∂F'/∂t' −c(∂F'/∂x') =∂F / ∂t

    Then you'll get: F'_x' = -F_x.
    But you still need another constraint to find a relation between F and F'.

    The problem as it is stated doesn't seem to me solvable, perhaps someone else knows better than me.
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