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Need help to transfer!

  1. Jan 2, 2009 #1
    I am a first semester freshman at a tireless university. I am maths major and an international student. I want to transfer to a good university with research opportunity because the university that I am attending right now has now research university. Top of that I also recently decided to do a major in physics as well.But my university has no physics major. So I really want to transfer. And due to poor economic condition and being an international student, I cant afford the cost of college in US. So I want to know few good but cheap university with decent physics department along with research. So please help me find me such kind of university so that I can complete my double majors in maths and physics. Also I want to do my PhD in theoritical Physics. Here is some information that might help.

    High school GPA- 3.8
    Current GPA- 4.0

    I want a university which offers financial aid or some kind of grant to international student. To maximum I can pay ten thousand to college for my studies. So please guys provide me with some information and some university that I can apply to.

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