Need help trying to find something!

Back in the late 1970s an article appeared in one of the "Mechanics" magazines, on a hydraulic hybrid automobile that was tested to get more than double the standard mileage (and this was before hybrids were cool, so the idea was largely ignored). The catch is that the car used Volvo pump-motors and other components. Now I can find no trace of these items. It is possible that they were discontinued, spun-off to another name, acquired, gone out of business, etc. I'd appreciate it if anyone knows what happened.



A hydraulic hybrid vehicle uses hydraulic and mechanical components instead of electrical ones. A variable displacement pump replaces the motor/generator, and a hydraulic accumulator replaces the batteries. The hydraulic accumulator, which is essentially a pressure tank, is potentially cheaper and more durable than batteries. Hydraulic hybrid technology was originally developed by Volvo Flygmotor and was used experimentally in busses from the early 1980s and is still an active area. Inital concept involved a giant flywheel for storage connected to a hydrostatic transmission, but it was later changed to a simpler system using a hydraulic acumulator connected to a hydraulic pump/motor. It is also being actively developed by Eaton and several other companies, primarily in heavy vehicles like buses, trucks and military vehicles. An example is the Ford F-350 Mighty Tonka concept truck shown in 2002. It features an Eaton system that can accelerate the truck up to highway speeds.

I looked up Volvo Flygmotor and Volvo Aero, and didn't have success hydraulic or hybrid references.


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