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Homework Help: Need help understanding problem about Young's double slit

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    "In Young's double slit experiment, assuming the distance between the slits is 0.07mm and the wavelength of light used is 600 nm, when the screen is 70 cm away, what kind of interference is there."

    I'm not sure what I'm being asked to determine here.

    Plugging in the figures into the equation dx/l = m(lambda),
    then x = 0.006m
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    Andrew Mason

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    There will be constructive and destructive interference. I think the question is asking what the interference pattern will be. You have correctly determined that the distance between interference maxima on the screen will be 6 mm. So the screen will show an interference pattern of bright and dark lines every 3 mm (6 mm between two bright lines or between two dark lines).

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