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Need Help-Urgent

  1. Dec 22, 2007 #1
    Need Help--Urgent

    How to write the thesis proposal for Masters. Its urgent please do reply.. Because I dont have enough time.
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    Usually, one selects a thesis topic in consultation with a faculty member, who usually becomes one thesis advisor. Furthermore, one should have some idea of what one wishes to study when selecting a thesis topic. Since we do not know one or one's capability, we are not in a position to advise one.

    I'm perplexed as to situation where one must send a thesis proposal to a university, but does not have time to submit the proposal.

    A thesis proposal should state the topic, some background (which demonstrates some knowledge of the science and/or technology and the significance of the proposed reseach), and the proposed research and goal of the research (what and how one plans to accomplish it) .
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    Agreement with Astro: this sounds really weird to me. I've never attainted that level of education, but it makes sense to me that someone should know what s/he wants to become a professional at (or at least study for other reasons) before submitting an application. That's a big commitment.
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    This has to be one of the worst cases of procrastination I have ever seen.
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    I wrote a proposal when I applied for my masters' degree in Materials. Usually anything with "nano" or "bio" works!
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