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NEED HELP what is the difference between a fat cell and a lipid?¿?

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    NEED HELP!!! what is the difference between a fat cell and a lipid?¿?

    lipids are said to be molecules!

    so why are they also called fat cells. cells are only cells when there is cytoplasm, a cell wall, one or more nuclei, and various organelles, all surrounded by a semipermeable cell membrane.

    how is that we call a lip a cell if its only actually a molecule (a collection of two or more different atoms).
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    A fat cell, is a cell (with a membrane, a nucleus etc.). A very large portion of a fat cell consists of a "fat droplet" i.e. an aggregate of lipid molecules.
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    I have noticed some of your posts and I do not want to discourage you for being curious, however I think you would be more productive if you were to sit down and read introductory biochemistry and genetics books. I recommend Leghninger Biochemistry, and Lodish Molecular Biolgy (genetics.) That way you can obtain all the basic knowledge and that may trigger other questions that may not be so obvious. Hope this helps.
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    no it doesn't but thanx anyway. :) but gerben response does actually help me. so gerben am i wrong when i say that a lipid can be defined as a fat cell because i am sure that i heard that somewhere or are they only defined as fat droplets.
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    A lipid is the molecule, it is neither a cell nor a droplet. A fat cell is a cell that contains lipids, as well as having all the other characteristics typical of an animal cell. Check out a biology textbook and look at the illustrations that accompany the explanations to help understand what a lipid molecule is.
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    You failed to understand :confused: his explanation and this is surely because of your elementary lack of knowledge of the difference between one of a class of objects of biological structure, a cell, and a certain class of chemical compounds known as lipids.
    You DO need to establish some sort of foundation in facts, as recommended very kindly by moonbear and backed up by quasi426
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