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Need help with a brushless motor?

  1. Feb 9, 2010 #1
    Hello! i need help with a brushless motor from a HDD.

    I have very little understanding of how they work, i want to create a controller for this motor, something like a throttle system for an rc car. this is an experiement for me, im sure the motor is not ideal for RC cars but i want to learn about them

    anyway. i cant until i learn more about the motor.
    It has four inputs, two ground and two Vin leads.

    does anyone know the name and type of motor this might be so i can start researching it.

    PS. i am in school to learn so i dont just want to by a speed controller. i want to learn and create my own.
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    You need to drill down and search into the CD-ROM motor rebuild links. There is a whole community of RC plane makers who build CD-ROM foamies and wire their own motors.



    Commercial Kits:


    If you haven't done any controller designs yet, I suggest doing a brush motor controller first to get some basic principles down. This is a hobby brushless controller:


    as you can see from the bottom scope traces the 3-phase timing signals are quite sophisticated and require understanding of fast switching transistors controlled by a brushless controller chip.
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