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Need help with a project

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    I am an undergrad student and for one of my courses I am required to model a mechanical / physical / electrical / thermal system that is a physical system (as in commonly used) and has a non linear oscillating behavior.

    if it is a mechanical system, it has to have mass, spring and dampers and the damper should cause the oscillation to decay to some extent.

    I am having trouble thinking of a physical application that will be easy to model. since I have to create an animation as well.

    Do you have any ideas ? (some examples (that i can not use because others are already doing it) would be oil rigs, elevators, speakers etc)
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    The non-linear part may be harder to figure out, but a fun advanced simulation subject would be active noise cancellation. The simplest example would be NC headphones, and a harder example would be quieting a large engine apparatus for the surrounding areas.

    For non-linear noise cancellation, maybe some submarine acoustics?
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    You could do a simple pendulum without making small angle approximations.
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