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Need help with a scientific paper

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    I am in need of a scientific review paper which involves the use of quench-flow or stopped-flow techniques, and was written after 1995. However, the only review papers I can find require that you pay to read the article, and I just don't have the funds (being a poor college kid). Are there any sites that allow access to such documents without paying? I would be completely indebted to y'all if you could help me out, here. A link to such a paper, or a link to a site that will help me find such a paper would be met with all of the gratitude my completely exhausted frame can muster.
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    What's the name of the document?
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    Have you tried looking around arxiv.org? dunno, might be something useful there
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    Oh, I think you misunderstood. I'm not looking for a specific paper, just one that falls under the guidelines I mentioned before. And yes, I have used arxiv, google scholar and a few others. Google scholar was the most helpful, as I was able to find a few other articles regarding my subject, but I could not seem to find a review article related to it. I was hoping someone here might be an old hand at such things and be able to point me in the right direction.

    If it matters at all, I'm writing a report on the use of quench-flow and stopped flow enzyme assays as a bioanalytical technique. I've already got 3 great articles, and if all I needed was an article on the subject, I'd be fine. You see, my problem is finding a review article, because for some reason that's part of my guidelines. Any help is appreciated.
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    Your school library should have a website that allows your access all the major databases for scientific papers. It should look something like this http://www.cod.edu/library/resources/databases.htm
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    We do have such a website, but for whatever reason only grad students and students of certain professors are allowed access. Don't get me wrong; I have exhausted every resource I can think of. I was just hoping that you fine gentlemen may have knowledge of.. well, I'm not sure. I guess I was hoping you would know of a magical place where the information I want is ripe to be plucked from a tree. A place I hadn't heard of yet that you more-science-savvy-than-I blokes could point me to.
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    You should be able to just go to your school library, as they often either have this stuff on file or can obtain the articles for you. Helping students track down material is often part of a research librarian's duties.
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    Right, I imagine he should be able to access their electronic databases at a library computer as well.
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    Andy Resnick

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    Hmm I guess I hadn't thought about asking the librarian for help. I'll go to the library now to try this out. But just in case this proves fruitless, keep posting!
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