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Need help with advising coursework

  1. Jan 4, 2012 #1
    So long story short, next semester I am taking 19 credits of science and math, and I'm
    looking for an honest and sincere opinion, maybe some advice. Please do not be harsh. These are the classes I will be taking

    Intro EM:Purcell
    Calc 3/Differential equations:Apostol
    Cosmology: Ryden
    QM: Griffiths

    From what I've read, advanced knowledge of differential equations isn't completely necessary for Thornton or Griffiths. Furthermore, this winter break I've been studying differential equations rigorously on my own as well as well as general mathematical methods of physics.

    I'm wondering if this is doable given my preparation. Will I have to know more differential equations for these textbooks? Burning out isn't really a concern of mine right now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, whether about the books or classes. thanks
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