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Need help with an airfoil name

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    OK, I have two labs, one in Calc 3, one in aerodynamics.

    In calc 3, we are using an airfoil described by a piece-wise function. How can I figure out what the name of that airfoil is?

    By that, I mean can I match up the airfoil to the function given?

    Or will I have to work backwards and choose a known airfoil?
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    if you are using the standard NACA 4 digit convention then it works as follows.

    For a NACA 2412, the maximum camber occurs at 24% down the chord from the leading edge, and the maximum thickness of the airfoil is 12% of the total chord length.

    For a NACA 0016. the airfoil has no camber (thus is symmetric) and has a maximum thickness of 16% of the total chord lenght.

    There are other naming conventions as well and the values are typically expressed in terms of % chord
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