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Need help with argumentive paper Please

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    Need help with argumentive paper!!!! Please!!

    My name is Jose, and i am 17. I need help with writing my Argumentive paper. My topic is on if ghost are real, it was a last minute pick. I also wanted to tie it into the 4th demension theory, but i dont know enough on the topic. Can anybody help me tie the two together? Or give a little help to get me started? It would be highly appreciated!
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    Re: Need help with argumentive paper!!!! Please!!

    4th Dimension?

    I have no idea how ghosts relate to an extra dimension.
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    Re: Need help with argumentive paper!!!! Please!!

    The 4th dimension is time...

    When people use the word "dimension" in science fiction, it doesn't mean the same as it does in science.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Re: Need help with argumentive paper!!!! Please!!

    This idea of another dimension, as used here, might be best compared to the idea of parallel worlds, as in the Many Worlds Theory. But this is all an extreme interpretation and extrapolation of a theoretical construct, and not particularly useful or relevant.

    Consider this: Does it make sense to endeavor to explain what something might be when we don't know if it even exists? I suggest that you base your argument on: The consistency of the anecdotal evidence; the duration of the claim [many centuries at least]; the alleged video and audio evidence; and the credibility of many alleged observers. Since there is no scientific evidence that ghosts exist, the argument will depend on the correlation, onsistency, and strength of anecdotal evidence. You might also review the different type of evidence; such as legal evidence, physical evidence, scientific evidence, anecdotal evidence, etc.

    I also suggest that you consider that there are many different kinds of alleged ghost reports - the class of an account, so to speak, is based on the nature of the details. So different alleged events having similar details might be considered to be two of a particular class of events or phenomena. In other words, there might be many different kinds of so called "ghosts".

    If you search this forum and the General Discussion forum, you should be able to find many discussions about ghosts, and the interpretation of anecdotal evidence.
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